Competing in the Right Way

Competing in the Right WayKnowing the DifferencesEver since the existence of history, humans have never stopped competing. As the human civilization evolve into a greater one each day, competition heats up hotter and hotter. People always say, life without competition is dull and boring. True, but we need to know the ways of competing.
In contrast, competing isn??™t fighting a war, there are many ways to compete, and people can come up with new ones everyday. The art of competing is learned through experience, or through tutoring.
This may seem awkward, but the best way to compete is by cooperating. Two men??™s work is usually larger than one man??™s work. Just like in Europe today, countries are working together for a better tomorrow, and it??™s very effective and efficient, and increasingly people can have a better life. We would need another person or more in almost every task, this way, we can be more productive and innovating. Through cooperating, we can get more than what we usually expect.
Other than cooperation, setting a precise goal is also essential. Usually we use someone else better for our goal. For example, John is Mike??™s class best writer, though Mike wants to surpass him. This way, Mike sets John as his goal, a goal that is specific enough. Setting a good goal is like knowing a destination well, this can let us know what we are working for, and how we should work. Certainly, our goal should be reasonable.
Meanwhile, competition is crucial, all of our competing ways should be generally fair, legal, and will not hurt others physically, or mentally. This is the art of competition.

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