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The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 2
My argument on this paper is that competition is a good thing in the world. It has flaws or cons but those are outweighed by the pros. Competition does so many things today. Why are sports so entertaining to watch Two teams are competing to win. Why do wars occur They occur because nations are competing over a conflict. The world right now is having a war against terrorism led by the United States since the attacks on September 11, 2001. Businesses thrive today because of competition in a free market economy. Not in a controlled economy, such as communism. Goals are set to allow us to succeed. The motivation or desire to achieve those goals shows how competitive we are as individuals or how bad we want to win. The Revolutionary War was a competition that was won and it allows us to live in a free country today.
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The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons
Competition occurs in just about every aspect of daily life today. Whether it is while playing sports or driving to work. Competition is the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy, a prize ( This is a good thing because competition is a motivational tool. Either you will succeed or fail. There are no gray areas or loop holes in it. The opportunity it creates for people in the world is the reason why it is so affective.
Some people believe that competition is a bad thing and there is too much of it in the world. Can competition create problems The answer is yes. Nothing is perfect is perfect. Everything has flaws. Competition can be bad in business, the economy/government, life, and war. In business it is cutthroat. Businesses are constantly competing for customers. They do this by making better products at cheaper prices. The best product at the cheapest price will get the most business. Workers are competing for jobs. Be Your Own Therapist (1995) says, ???Greed and layoffs are the two most frequently touted sins of competition.??? The Cold War broke out because of the competition between the Soviet Union and United States. The U.S. tried to stop the spread of communism after World War 2. Space was a major competition between the two nations. Who could get to space first Russia got there first but the U.S. put the first man on the moon. These reasons provide evidence on why competition is bad, but do these outweigh the good qualities of it
The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 4
Terrorism is a major problem in the world today. It is costing people their lives. The world is in a competition against terrorism. This is good because the war against terror is trying to make the world a safer place. In The U.S. Attack on Afghanistan: Boaz (2005) states, ???Afghanistan is under attack because the Taliban regime harbored and supported the terrorists responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001 (p. 19). Terrorist attacks are occurring too often. These attacks are becoming intolerable and the world is fighting back led by the United States.
The economy in the U.S. today is based on a free market. According to Wikipedia, ???A free market is a market in which there is no economic intervention and regulation by the state, except to enforce private contracts and ownership of property.??? A free market economy encourages the competition between businesses because that is what it is based on. This gives businesses many freedoms. The competition between businesses allows us, the consumers, to purchase products at a lower price. The whole purpose is to compete for the service of the consumer. This is good for the United States because this is how our economy has thrived in the past. Right now the economy is in bad shape but it can??™t always be good.
In the world today, goals need to be set. If you don??™t have goals, how can you achieve anything Goals are meant to help people succeed by accomplishing those goals. A goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed ( If you aren??™t achieving your goals, you??™re failing. Goals that have not been achieved are just dreams. Motivation is needed to obtain goals. Everyone needs to have goals and have the mindset that you will obtain them.
The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 5
Competition occurs in many different production markets, whether it is with cars, food, or clothes. If two companies make a similar product and one is cheaper, which one will consumers buy The typical consumer will be the cheaper or less expensive one because they don??™t want to pay more money. Companies compete in a dog-eat-dog manner. It is Social Darwinism. It is the survival of the fittest in the business world. Companies have to make money or else they will be put out of business by other companies or go bankrupt. In Does Competition Mean War Benjamin Tucker (1998) believes, ???Universal and unrestricted competition means the most perfect peace and truest cooperation.??? Competition will never be a perfect peace. We, the individuals, thrive on competitiveness. The competitiveness between businesses helps out us, the buyer. It helps us out because we are continuing to get a better product at a cheaper price. Competition is good but I don??™t know about peaceful. It is far from it.
Think about sports. What are those teams doing on a daily basis They are competing to win. No one wants to lose. Everyone wants to win. The will to win motivates the athletes to try their hardest. It is the perfect motivation for an athlete or a team. Players and teams compete to win championships. The thing is there is only one winner and everyone is competing for that top spot. Look at the Los Angeles Lakers for example. They have won back to back championships in the NBA. This is because they are motivated to be the best basketball there is. Their desire to win championships makes them so good but without their competiveness for it they wouldn??™t be doing as good as they are.The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 6
Motivation is a key part to being competitive. If you don??™t have a motive you are not going to do it. Motivation is an incentive. If someone is motivated to win an award that is there incentive. They set forth a goal and accomplished it to gain an award. The desire to want something is a big motivation. Kobe Bryant desires to win championships and that??™s why he has five. Some people are more competitive then others. That is going to happen but it will come down to who wants it more. That desire to have it.
Why do we live in a free country today The 13 colonies competed for freedom against the British. This freedom that was gained during the Revolutionary War came at the cost of people??™s lives. It was for what they believed to be a good cause. They stood up against a giant empire in the world and won. Americans stood up against being treated unfairly and broke away and started their own country. Being treated unfairly motivated them to try their best and become a free country. Goals were set and eventually achieved through hard fought battles in strenuous conditions, often being outnumbered. Americans had a stronger desire because they knew what they were fighting for. The British were just trying to stop rebelling colonies. Freedom is great motivation and the Revolutionary War proved so. I am so grateful for what they did hundreds of years ago that allows me to live in a free country today. Some of my freedoms are speech and religion which are in the constitution established. If it wasn??™t for competition, it wouldn??™t have happened.The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 7
The opportunities and motivation created by competition make it a good thing. Competition in sports is great. It??™s what makes it entertaining to watch. There is a war against terrorism going on today. Competition will hopefully end it all. A free market economy allows people freedom and everyone isn??™t the same. In communism people are treated the same when working. What??™s wrong with that The workers are not going to be motivated to better because you can??™t set goals or gain incentives. Goals cannot be achieved without competition. Competition??™s flaws, I believe, are outweighed by the good things competition does.The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons 8
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