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Just Listen So That There Be No Misunderstanding
Fabian Kendle
Communications 200
Enrique Vasquez
June 27, 2012Interpersonal conflicts happen within each of us. It all depends on how we handle our interpersonal conflict. Some people want to rant and rave over spilled milk and some know how to walk away. Interpersonal conflicts begin within you. I watched the movie Hitch and as you can see there was some misunderstanding and miscommunication. It is always asked who is going to be the bigger person during the conflicts that take place. Both individuals cannot argue back and forth with one another and expect a solution to the problem at hand. Hitch and Sara could have avoided many of their arguments if they would have listened to each other without trying to get into a shouting match. Does that sound familiar We all at one point or another get into a shouting match for no reason at all. At times I find myself arguing with my girlfriend and at the end of the argument she explains what she was trying to say to me and then I have to apologize for not hearing her out in the beginning. If we would only listen more then there would be no miscommunication. In the movie Sara realized the Hitch was lying to her. He was not working the job he told her he was and that really bothered Sara. She did not say anything at first. I guess she was trying to get him to come clean with her, but he never did. There are some situations in our lives where we find ourselves in trouble and really do not know how to get out. They always told us to tell the truth, but that only worsens it at the moment. As the movie goes on they each give each other the cold shoulder. No one is allowed to explain the situation and the situation only gets worse. Sara is so frustrated at Hitch that she will not allow him to explain what is going on. Maybe she felt betrayed. Either way that was not the correct way to handle the situation. If she had sat down and listened to what he had to say, maybe they would not be in this predicament right now. I know I said that misunderstanding and miscommunication was the problem, but there is a bigger problem that is brewing. Sara is losing trust in Hitch. Trust takes so long to earn then you lose it within seconds. Their egos got in the way of doing what was right. I can say from previous experiences that cool heads prevail. You cannot do anything right when you are mad, but run a jail house. Someone has got to be the bigger person and listen. Listening is the best part of communicating. If you are not a good listener, then chances are you will not be an effective communicator.References
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