Hitchhikers Guide

THE HITCHHIKER??™S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY By: Douglas Adams is a book of fiction that focuses on the life of human named Arthur Dent. In this book Arthur Dent finds out that there is life in space. While Arthur Dent may seem a key character in the book, without Ford Perfect, Arthur Dent would not even be alive. Ford Perfect is first introduced in the book in the very beginning. The readers first learn that Ford Perfect is not of human descent. As reader??™s progress through the book, Ford Perfect??™s purpose becomes clear. Ford Perfect??™s purpose is to find information to update THE HITCHHIKER??™S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. Ford Perfect even said ???THE HITCHHIKER??™S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. It??™s a sort of electronic book. It tells you everything you need to know about anything. That??™s its job??? (p. 52) While gathering information on the planet earth, Ford Perfect became stuck on this planet not being able to hitch a ride for fifteen years. During his time on earth, Ford Perfect met Arthur Dent. Then when the earth was seconds from becoming destroyed, Ford Perfect and Arthur Dent hitched a ride, which set of a multitude of events. This led to Ford Perfect and Arthur Dent on an adventure with three other main characters known as Zaphod Beeblebrox, who is Ford Perfect??™s ???semi-half brother??? whom he ???shares three of the same mothers???, Trillian, an earth girl that Arthur Dent met at a fancy dress party, and Marvin, an extremely depressed robot, to a legendary planet known as Magrathea. Along the way, Ford Perfect continued to gather information while having a great adventure and finding things that haven??™t been seen for millions of years. Ford Perfect did not see this as a great adventure at first. At every instance, Ford Perfect denied that the planet Zaphod Beeblebrox thought was the legendary Magrathea was just some desolate planet. Ford Perfect even said ???Magrathea is a myth, a fairy story.??? (p. 117) In the end, the supposedly desolate planet was in fact the legendary planet of Magrathea. From then on crazy things happen, rockets get shot at their spaceship, Arthur Dent learns his planet was built due to the funding of mice and Arthur Dent almost loses his brain literally. In the end, including Ford Perfect, everybody had a great adventure and they go on to make many more.

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