Hitler??™s Hunger For power
In the autobiography Mein Kampf , Hitler??™s struggle and hunger for power would lead to his own downfall. In his early childhood , Hitler was greatly influenced by his father??™s own determination in controlling his son??™s life. His father, as said in a Portrait in Tyranny by Edward F. Dolan, . ???was a very temperamental man and was full of pride and arrogance. And demanded the full attention of all his children. And never hesitated to beat his children with a leather strap.??? His father Alois Shicklguber who, as a adult took the name Hiedler sometimes spelled Huttler or Hitler from his step father who was a wondering miller Johann Georg Hiedler. The change of last name from Shicklguber to Hitler would have proved fateful to Adolf who probably would not have gone very far in politics with such a comical last name such as Shicklguber. As said in A Portrait in Tyranny by Edward F. Dolan, ???would Heil Schicklguber been taken as seriously throughout Europe. Since a comical Game. So the change of last name to Hitler was a great choice. Because Heil Hitler is a much more menacing chant.??? Growing up Hitler wanted to become an artist but with his fathers determination to control Adolf??™s life, Influenced him and forced him to become a civil servant. As said in Mein Kampf ??? it was his basic opinion and intention that, like himself, his son would and must become a civil servant.??? So in order to become an artist , Adolf would purposely fail his school work, In hopes that his father would cave in and let him become the artist he was urging to be. As said in his autobiography ??? I did not want to become a civil servant, No, No again??¦ I grew sick at the stomach at the thought of sitting in a office. Of being deprived of my liberty??™s and of never being a master of my own time???. And he also said ??? I thought that once my father saw how little progress I was making at the Realschule, he would let me devote myself to my dream of becoming an artist, whether he liked it or not???. But little did Adolf know that his fathers death in 1903 would effect his life in a dramatic way. Adolf dropped out of school and moved to Vienna where he sold his paintings and suffered many hardships Adolf barely had enough to eat and did not make much money selling his paintings. After a few years Adolf was forced to report to Austria to fight in the Austrian army. When he reported his run down appearance had the effect he wanted on the recruiters. He was declared ???unfit for combat and auxiliary duties, too weak. Unable to bear arms??? as said in The Life of Adolf Hitler by James Cross Gibins. But on August 3rd ,1914, Hitler requested permission to enlist in the Bavarian army, under the monarchy of Kaiser Wilhelm II. To fight against the Serbian and Russian army in a conflict that would be called world war one. The next day he received a response, as said in his autobiography, ??? With trembling hands I opened the document??¦.My request had been approved, an I was summoned to report to a Bavarian regiment. My joy and gratitude knew no bounds. A few days later I was wearing the tunic (uniform) I was not to doff until nearly six years later.??? Hitler was overjoyed and joining the army solved many of his problems. Hitler now was guaranteed a meal and shelter, and had a purpose to fight for Germany a country he admired ever since he was a little boy. In the end, his fathers determination to make him a civil servant had worked. Hitler now was fighting in WWI for the Bavarian army. This would be the beginning of Hitler??™s violence and despair for power. Throughout his service in the Bavarian army. Hitler received several awards for his bravery in action. He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class in 1914. In 1917 he was awarded the Military Cross 3rd class. And in 1918 he the Service Medal and his most prized medal the Iron Cross 1st class one of Germanys most prestigious medals. During his years in the military Hitler was convinced that the Jewish people were ???slackers???. And that most of them were back in Germany working in offices while the German people were dieing to protect them. Even though more then 100,000 Jews served in the German army. He was convinced that most of them were back home. As he said in Mein Kampf ??? the offices were filled with Jews. Nearly every clerk was a Jew and nearly every Jew was a clerk.??? Even further convincing him that a few select wealthy Jews were in charge of Germany??™s war production. And his hatred for the Jewish people began. Hitler also began his hatred for the communists during this time after Czar Nicolas was overthrown and the Bolsheviks had taken over Russia introducing communism. And the new communist government in Russia retreated from the war and Germany was able to focus its self on the west. But as the war went on and with U.S intervention. Germany went into turmoil and Kaiser Wilhelm fled Germany and gave up his throne to the German Empire. With this the Socialist Democratic Party took over Germany., and prepared to end the war and sign treaties with the allies. Hitler quickly blames the communist and Jews for the fall of Germany as said in The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler ??? Here the Jewish people had become really indispensable. The Spider was beginning to suck the blood out of the peoples pores. Through the was corporations, They found an instrument with which, little to finish off the national economy.??? Hitler in Nov.9th vowed to himself that he would enter politics and return Germany back to its formal glory. As said in Mein Kampf ??? that night I resolved that, if I recovered my sight, I would enter politics.??? As the years went by Hitler went back to Munich where he rejoined his regiment and served in the barracks. He came to realize that many Germans were angry at what happened, how the treaty had crippled Germany and took her into containment and not letting her regain power. Hitler as ordered by the army was sent to the University of Munich to take ???classes in civic thinking.??? There the professors found that Adolf had a powerful gift in catching the attention of the class and had them hang on his every word. Because of this Hitler was named Bildungsoffizier of his regiment, education officer. His job was to inform soldiers of political danger, anti-monarchy that ran from communism to socialism to democracy. This assignment is what really started him in politics. With this job Hitler used its power to influence the soldiers into joining a group called ???Deutsche Arbeiterpartei??? or German Workers Party. Hitler became a member of the political party and used his power of speech to gain more and more members throughout the months. In 1920 Hitler was appointed head of the German workers party and the party??™s rapid growth was all thanks to Hitler??™s speeches and ability to attract attention to the party. He became such a popular figure he established his own private army called Strumabteilung ( Storm Detachment ). They were used to protect Hitler and also to break up meeting of rival parties. Within a few years Hitler??™s party had grown from a few hundred people to more then 300,000 people. By late 1920??™s he had left the military and focused completely on maintaining the party. He rented out a office for his headquarters in Munich, planned bigger meeting and got enough money to buy a small bankrupt newspaper, the violently Anti-Semitic Volkisher Beohachter, which ended up becoming the Party??™s official newspaper. With this Hitler developed a banner that would attract the attention to the party. Many members submitted several ideas on what the banner should look like and the symbol of the party should be. Eventually he settled on the swastika. Known as a broken or twisted cross. And arrived at the final design of the flag with each part having a important meaning to him and the party. The red solid field color represented the socialistic ideas behind the party. The White circle in the middle symbolized his nationalist hopes for Germany. And the swastika which would become a sign of terror for Europe in the future. Would represent his mission to struggle for Germanys over the inferior people around her. In 1923 Hitler had finally Replaced Anton Drexler and become undisputed leader. And changed the party??™s name to Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or the National Socialist German Workers Party. And now Hitler used this power to expand even further out of the Munich and expand all over Germany. As more and more people joined the Nazi Party. And with fear many states and territories of Germany outlawed HitlerJugend or Hitler young. In order to stop and or slow down the spread of his ideas. But he refused to let that stop him ,he used propaganda and his speeches to gain more notice . After a few months Hitler had spread his party throughout Bavaria. Now he intended to head towards Berlin. In Berlin he used more propaganda to gain popularity and gain votes into the parliament and gained two hundred and eighty eight seats in the Reichstag. Making the Nazi party the most popular and influential party in Germany. And shortly after on January 30, 1933 Hitler had was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany and the Third Reich as promised was born. Hitler was filled with joy. As said in his autobiography ??? I am not ashamed to say that , overcome with rapturous enthusiasm, I fell on my knees and thanked heaven for granting me the good fortune of making my dream become a reality???. And began his terror upon the Jewish population. First by banning them from education and jobs in the government. Then he labeled them as said in his autobiography to roman catholic leaders ??? nothing but pernicious enemies of the State and the Church, and therefore I intend to exclude them from academic life and such professions as medicine an law???. Hitler also ordered the burning of non-German writers, Which included many works from great poets, philosophers and novelists. Hitler condemned them as ??? intellectual filth???. And used nationalism and fear as a base for his speeches and campaign. To encourage Germans of this and told them that the Jews are taking over and that they were part of a master race and embedded that idea into the minds of the German people. Also Placed the Nuremberg laws which striped Jews from there citizenship and were not allowed to vote or own land. Placed anti-Jewish propaganda and encouraged Germans to boycott Jewish business. As said in his autobiography ??? Deutiche mehrt guch kauif nicht bei Juden??? or ???Germans defend yourselves, Do not buy from Jews.??? And as said in his autobiography ??? I make these demands, not because I am power hungry , but because without iron leadership the party will within a short time cease to be what it was supposed to be, a national socialist German workers party, not a western association???, and German believed his lies. Germans glorified him and referred to him as Fuhrer or Father, as their liberator and hero. He did as promised to his supporters. He made worker conditions better, Improved the life??™s of the German citizens. Created Superhighway systems and Volkswagen Company was born, even brought attention to Germany by hosting the 1936 Olympics and showing German engineering to the world, making Germany a showcase to marvel at for its many improvements since the war. But Hitler did not forget his main goal as said in his autobiography ???to expand Germany and provide its population with more land???. And in order to do so he greatly increased the number of his military. Increased the Luftwaffe or German air force and Germanys submarine fleet with the consent of the English government. Within time Hitler??™s party had spread into Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia. Also Austrian Nazis had staged a take over and assassinated the Chancellor. Austria under the leadership of Austrian Nazis was declared unstable and requested the help of Germany to re-stabilize its government. which gave Hitler the excuse he needed to invade Austria without violating the peace treaty. He responded as said in his autobiography ??? I, myself, as Fuhrer and Chancellor, will be happy to walk on the soil of the country that is my home as a free German citizen???. As troops marched in they had no resistance and were welcomed into Austria as heroes . Days later Hitler ordered the German ministry of the Interior to draft a law for the unification of Germany and Austria. And quickly the New Austrian Chancellor accepted the law. Hitler that same day entered into Vienna and banners of the Nazi party were hung all over the Austrian capitol. And as said in his autobiography ??? now its times to refocus our strengths on Czechoslovakia???. And gained the support of Mussolini of Italy. And demanded that he could seize control of the Sudetenland because of the German influence in that area of Czechoslovakia. With permission of Great Britain and France they proclaimed a ultimatum that allowed three days for the Czech forces to withdraw and turn over that land to Germany. But this was not enough for the power hunger leader as said in this autobiography ??? On October the first I shall have Czechoslovakia where I want her! And if France and England decided to go to war over it, let them!??? With agreement with France and England to avoid war. Both countries allowed Hitler to over-run Czechoslovakia and annexed what was left of the country into Germany. Later on Hitler was outraged at the idea that a Jewish college student shot German workers in a embassy in France. And his real terror was unleashed upon the Jewish people. In Germany in November 9, 700 Jewish stores were destroyed, 76 synagogues were destroyed and 191 others were set on fire. Hundreds were killed and Thousands were arrested confiscated of there money and any valuable items. As said in his autobiography ??? in the course of my life I have often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it??? and ??? Now I will once more be a prophet: If international Jewish financiers in and out of Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the communization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!??? Hitler forced several thousand Jews into labor camps and concentration camps to be worked to death and to help supply the German army for it??™s invasion of Poland. Hitler in order to avoid aggression with the Soviets signed the non-aggression pact. And planned the invasion of Poland and said in his autobiography ??? Poland looks like a great deal of blood??? and ??? this time we wont bring it off without violence.??? Hitler attempted to negotiate with Poland. And they warned him to honor the treaty obligations to the Poles if a conflict broke out. He refused it and massed his troops along the polish boarder for a new battle strategy ??? Blitzkrieg??? which proved very successful in the invasion of Poland and quickly took the Polish capitol of Warsaw. And Poland surrenders to the German army in Three weeks. As said in his autobiography ??? Poland will not last more then a month, with our superior Aryan army???. Hitler quickly assembled all political leaders and executed them for being inferior to the Aryan race, abolished all polish colleges and universities, and minimized the education on polish children, and Poland was annexed into the German empire. But Hitler, being a restless and power hungry leader could not wait around for the conditions in Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg to improve for the air raids. He quickly over took the country of Denmark. And set his sights on Norway to cease control of the Northern flank from a sea attack. Even with over 20,000 British troops in Norway. Hitler ordered the non-stop air bombing raids that caused Britain to retreat and leave Norway on her own. And Norway would surrender to the German invasion soon after. As said in his speech to the German people ??? why did we succeed Because there was a man like me that did not know the word ???impossible??????. With this being said Hitler organized troops and took over the countries of Holland and Belgium. To set his sights on northern France. Little by little the German army slowed its way down into central France. Fighting off both French and British forces. On June 5th the German army had broken through the river Seine. French authorities on June 12th , declared Paris an ???open city??? and would not try to defend it militarily. And southern France which was ruled by a Vichy government would help Germany with anything they needed from workers to supplies. Hitler had now made his personal goal a success by controlling the Atlantic coast of Europe from northern Spain to Norway. And to further more enrage him Hitler was forced to fight a two front war. The soviets had ended the pact and attacked Germany. Hitler lead air-raids in Britain and had land troops fight the soviets. As said in his autobiography ??? I do not want to conquer her ( England)??? I want to come to terms with her, I want to force her to accept my friendship and to drive out the whole Jewish rabble that is agitating against me.??? Hitler continued his air-raids over the city of London, and Defeated the Royal Air force. With this now in hand he focused on The soviets and lead the successful invasion of U.S.S.R. With this Hitler used his allies Italy and Japan to establish themselves as rulers of Europe ( Germany and Italy) and Japan as ruler of Asia. This lead to the invasions of Hungry, Yugoslavia, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia ,Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece. Now took control of northern Africa controlling the entire northern coast of Africa. With all this power Hitler was determined to control more land and even further expand. But Japan had bombed a U.S port in Hawaii and the united states had entered the war with the allies. Lead the invasion of Africa to attack from the soft under belly of Hitler??™s empire. And the united states lead the successful invasion of Italy, which lead to the arrest and jailing of Benito Mussolini, and the end of Italy??™s involvement in the war. Quickly after the fall of Italy, Japan as well fell to the allies. Now German citizens were losing faith in Hitler, with raids and raids and loss of more and more territories, lead to an attempt to kill Hitler which failed. As said in his autobiography ??? I will not see the fall of my empire??? and just as that he poisoned his wife and dog and committed suicide. Germany surrenders to the allies and relinquishes all territories back to its former state. Allie powers rescue all of Germanys captives of war. In the end Hitler??™s own desire for violence and power led to his own demise, and the fall of the third Reich. Dolan, Edward. Adolf Hitler A portrait in tyranny. New York, Doff, Mead and Company,1971Giblin James, The life and death of Adolf Hitler, New York, Clarion Books, 2002Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf. Landsberg Am Lech Fortress Prison: Oct.16,1924

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